Saturday, October 10, 2009

Is the climate changing? Watch for yourselves -- ClimateWatch

The first project of its kind in the southern hemisphere, ClimateWatch allows the community at large to get hands-on in the science of understanding climate change through simple observation of the world around them.

ClimateWatch is a monitoring program being opened up to Australians so that they can be involved in collecting and recording data to help shape the country’s scientific response to climate change.

There is an urgent need for large scale data harvesting to evaluate how natural systems are responding to climate change. There are 2 marine species nominated. The photos are taken from the website to illustrate.

One of those is the Blue Mosaic jelly or Blue Blubber,Catostylus mosaicus (above).The other is the Blue Bottle Jellyfish, Physalia utriculus, a siphonophore. Personally I can't think of a better excuse to go for a walk than to assist in this project. How easy is that? If you see either of these animals make a note and record it on the website. You will find that you educate yourself as you contribute and communicate. Find out more about the project...

NOTE: ClimateWatch was developed by Earthwatch Australia, with the support of the Bureau of Meteorology, Land and Water Australia, The University of Melbourne, corporate and government partners, and scientific collaborators.

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