Thursday, May 6, 2010

Sea Urchins of the World - Diversity, Symmetry & Design

Regular visitors to the sea have been known to ponder the patterned sea urchin tests that wash up there. Urchins become topics for wider discussion as impacts of overfishing, natural predators and poleward movement become environmental issues.

We've just received news of recent publication on Sea Urchins of the World by Ashley Miskelly that is the fruit of many years of study on these sea star relatives. The images are magnificent and you may find your perception of these often underestimated denizens takes a turn into awe. The book visually demonstrates the symmetry, diversity and fascinating architecture of sea urchins from Antarctia to the tropics.

Want to find out more about this book click here.


  1. Images seem splendid. I am having a look to see if I can assess how much science data is also in the book, and maybe we will get one for our Marine Care Ricketts Point Libary. We are currently well into a sea urchin barrens and control assessment programme in and around our sanctuary, where Heliocidaris erythrogramma seems to be a looming threat.

  2. Great to hear that some work is being done on the urchins there!!! Hopefully when more balances are restored, helped along with a little remedial action, more of the wealth of algae and wildlife will continue to return. I'll personally take it as a sign of health when I hear that the hermit crabs are reported in abundance once again.