Monday, May 24, 2010


The Sapphire Coast Marine Discovery Centre (SCMDC) played a vital community education role after the discovery in Twofold Bay of what was believed to be an invasive sea squirt (Didemnum vexillum) in recent months.

When a routine annual inspection of the wharf pylons on the Multi Purpose (Navy) Wharf found the suspicious looking organism, all steps were taken by the NSW Dept. Industry & Investment to restrict its spread, including engaging SCMDC staff and volunteers to get the message out to the wider community.

The good news is that DNA test results have confirmed that the species found in Twofold Bay is not Didemnum vexillum – a great relief to the local community and particularly for the mussel farmers in the bay.

Industry & Investment staff have thanked SCMDC for their quick action in assisting with distributing information pamphlets on the pest species and raising awareness about the importance of reporting any new unidentified species to the authorities.

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