Thursday, July 22, 2010

Riders on the Stormwater

Water seeks its own level and it takes pollution hitchikers with it. From the time water is drawn up into the sky through evaporation it begins its search for a way back to its lowest point - the sea. When raindrops fall they create millions of tiny explosions. Falling on mountains, forests, fields and towns the rain water either sinks into the ground or begins to slide into folds and creases in the land to form rivulets and streams.

Stormwater run-off sinks into ephemeral wetlands, or collects in lakes or is channeled into stormwater drains that eventually spill out into rivers or directly to ocean outfalls. Scientific reports advise that between 80-95% of marine pollution comes from the land. Stormwater drags with it harmful pollution from a wide range of daily human activities. This fated journey coupled with the amazing natural cleansing properties of water is the perfect pollution transportation system. 

Teachers!  Looking for activities and resources on Stormwater run-off click here to go to AUSMEPA's unit on Marine Stormwater Pollution

Are some oceans or seas more polluted than others? Try Googling 'polluted oceans' for more links

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