Sunday, August 8, 2010


'Our Environment Our Future' say students in the Torres Strait 

Tagai students in the Torres Strait took part in an innovative week long workshop on marine conservation and boating safety under the leadership of AUSMEPA consultant, Bob Winters.

On both Horn and Thursday islands, students learned about and had a voice in identifying the concepts they felt were most important. The workshop images and outcomes were written up into two literacy readers now becoming part of the curriculum for 16 schools across the islands of the Torres Strait and 2 schools on the Cape York Peninsula.

Completion of the project was made possible through funding provided primarily by Maritime Safety Queensland and assisted by Australian Maritime Safety Authority.

"These books are so well written I could even use them for our local marine studies of Moreton Bay" said Clare, a Brisbane year 6/7 school teacher.

The literacy readers join the growing number of successful environmental education partnership projects available through AUSMEPA.

For more information on this project telephone Mr Bob Winters of Educating Options on 0410 552 574 or view the media release available shortly click here.

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