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Bringing the Ocean to the Classroom: Green Teacher call for contributions

AUSMEPA recently received a request from our good friend and Principal Advisor (Environmental Sustainability) Teaching and Learning Branch Dept Education & Training QLD to share the following with you:

Call for Contributions:  Bringing the Ocean to the Classroom 
Previous edition of Green Teacher
Green Teacher, the non-profit magazine for youth educators, is pleased to announce that its Spring 2011 issue will be a special theme issue on marine education, The issue will be guest edited by Rick Searle and Krista Zala of Ocean Networks Canada and distributed prior to World Oceans Day on June 8th.

If you would like to contribute an article, an innovative learning activity, or submit details of an educational resource, or your best marine education photograph, read on!

Why are we doing this special issue – and at 
this time?    
Environmental and marine educators know that we are intimately connected to the world’s oceans, even if we don’t live near a sea coast. For example, disasters like the recent Gulf of Mexico oil spill affect many aspects of biological and economic life. Innovative educators have for years been bringing the ocean into their classrooms and non-formal education settings to help young people appreciate the links between their lives and the health of marine ecosystems.

Still, most young people – and their parents – are unfamiliar with the basics of ocean ecosystems and our connections to them. Accordingly, we see the need to devote an edition of Green Teacher to sharing innovative ideas, learning strategies, and activities for engaging people aged 6 to 19 in learning about and acting for the world’s oceans.

Three Ways You Can Contribute
For this special theme issue, we are seeking (1) articles and activities, (2) details of the latest and best marine education resources, and (3) the best marine ed photographs.

1.   If you would like to contribute an article or an activity, please email an outline of the article you would like to write to Krista Zala at no later than October 15. We are seeking:

·     1-3 short perspective articles for the front of Green Teacher that will motivate youth educators to promote ocean literacy.  (1000-2000 words per article)
·     innovative learning strategies and activities that work for some part of the 6- to 19–year-old age spectrum. (600-3500 words per article)
·     articles and activities that use new technology to teach ocean science or the social issues associated with human impacts on ocean ecosystems to some part of the 6- to 19–year-old age spectrum. (800-2500 words per article)

·         We’d love video clips, images, songs, or podcasts that can help round out the digital version of the Spring issue.

While we anticipate receiving more publishable submissions than we can include in the Spring edition, Green Teacher’s editor Tim Grant welcomes them and will include them in Green Teacher either by adding them to the online edition, weaving submissions with similar themes into a larger piece, or running articles in later issues.

The author of each article/activity selected for publication will receive 5 print copies, access details for the digital version, and a one-year subscription to Green Teacher.

2) Marine education resources for youth: swimming through the deluge. Please send a 50- to 100-word description of your favourite marine ed resource to Krista Zala at no later than November 30. Please tell us why it’s particularly useful to youth educators and include a website URL where more information can be found. Educators who submit marine ed resources that we select for publication in the Resource Listings for the Spring issue will receive a free copy of the issue.

3) Marine education photographs. Please send your best photos, ideally with young people taking action to improve the oceans, to Krista Zala no later than January 5th. Creators of photos selected for publication will receive either 5 print copies of the Spring issue OR a one-year subscription to Green Teacher, beginning with the Spring 2011 issue.

Thank you for considering our request.

Krista Zala and Rick Searle for Ocean Networks Canada & Tim Grant, Green Teacher

Download a free issue of Green Teacher   

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