Friday, January 21, 2011

Heroes riding the flood waters

The elements are unforgiving and lucky for us our mariners are made of tough stuff.
Many thanks to Doug Hislop and Peter Fenton plus the Coast Guard and Maritime Safety Qld for their combined efforts as a result of the SE Queensland floods.

12th January 2011
Tug boat master Doug Hislop was hailed a hero after he guided a massive piece of the Riverwalk down the Brisbane River, missing the Gateway Bridge."What a feat of seamanship, whoever was the pilot of the tug boat deserves and Order of Australia," Mr Rudd told Sky News. 
Read more about the tug boat in the article here

Manly Coast Guard rush to flood rescue. More than 100 Coast Guard volunteers put their lives at risk - article here

Maritime Safety article here
MARITIME Safety Queensland has collected 365 pontoons and 18 yachts washed down the Brisbane River in the floods.

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