Monday, June 20, 2011

SPOTLIGHT ON: Southern Coastcare Association of Tasmania (SCAT)

All around Australia Coastcare and Landcare groups are doing incredible things to preserve and conserve the  wonders of our coasts and oceans by looking after the land and water.

One of the great groups that we at AUSMEPA would like to draw your attention to is SCAT, or Southern Coastcare Association. It is located in one of Australia's beautiful states, Tasmania. Below find an introduction about them from their website and be sure to look at great SCAT newsletters with the latest found here.

It might inspire you or your local school to join in your local coastcare group for a healthy Australian coastal environment. Schools will specially be interested to look at AUSMEPA Student Leadership tools here

The Southern Coastcare Association of Tasmania Inc (SCAT) is an umbrella organisation for Coastcare groups in southern Tasmania providing support for Coastcare activities and a regional network for Coastcare groups.  SCAT is an innovative leader and supporter of community action for the management of our coastal environment.


SCAT does many things, including:
  • supporting Coastcare groups and individual volunteers by providing opportunities and resources to help them participate in coastal management.
  • encouraging regional environmental outcomes by fostering collaboration within our Coastcare community.
  • providing recognition for the vital role community volunteers play in protecting our coastlines.
  • fostering a regional network of coastal stakeholders that encourages collaboration and holistic coastal management outcomes.


  • to create linkages between Coastcare groups,
  • to foster regional coastal management outcomes,
  • to promote Coastcare and coastal issues to the community,
  • to create partnerships with Government and other environmental organisations, and
  • to provide a voice for Coastcare groups in southern Tasmania.



SCAT is proudly working in partnership with NRM South, supported through funding from the Australian Government’s Caring for our Country.

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