Sunday, April 15, 2012


Westport High School are committed to marine education. They are investing time and energy into writing up some materials specific to LADY MUSGRAVE ISLAND, QLD. See the online activities page courtesy of G Hargreaves and click here to go to the pages

Reef in full light
As you snorkel or scuba the reef slope at very low tide and looking into the bright sun you experience a new world of the busy, the secretive and the strange.
Homes will be defended, you will frighten some residents and there may be a few friendy oestheichthyes.
Don't believe the bad press about sharks although remember they are predators!

  • Finding the habitats, location and biodiversity of anemone fish is a challenge. 
  • Observing noddy terns will give insight into their complex behaviour. 
  • Watch myriad hermit crabs decide their lives on the edge of the shingle as the tide moves in and out. 
  • Reef walk and code the colour of corals to build a database about bleaching. .

Most activities require the latest version of Adobe Flash Player.
You can download it for free from the Adobe website.
Slider Puzzles -
Flash Quiz - test
your knowledge
on all things
Lady Musgrave
Memory Squares - how's your Barrier Reef memory?
Crossword Puzzle - are you the reef master?Word Search - can you find all of the coral reef words?Hangman - test your coral reef knowledge
Colouring Page - colour the damsel before she swims away...Jigsaw Puzzle - help rebuild the reef...PacShark - it's a feeding frenzy as the sharks turn on each other...

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