Thursday, November 22, 2012


AUSMEPA takes pride in their partnership network of friends. One of them is the Australian Sustainable Schools Initiative (AuSSI). It seeks to support schools and their communities to become sustainable.
AuSSI engages participants in a whole-of-school approach, to explore through real-life learning experiences, improvements in a school's management of resources and facilities including energy, waste, water, biodiversity, landscape design, products and materials. It also addresses associated social and financial issues.
The Initiative's vision is for all Australian schools and their communities to be sustainable. Find out about the key elements and resources involved.

Become an AuSSI School

How to register as an AuSSI school HERE
Areas of activity - AuSSI is a broad framework incorporating a wide range of activities which help schools and their communities to become more sustainable. Individual schools may choose to focus on certain areas that are of most relevance and interest to their school community.

Visit their website here.

AUSMEPA also invites you to explore free online sustainability units of work that are available free at

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