Wednesday, April 3, 2013

WETPAPER announces marine education resources

Good friends at publishers, Wetpaper, have announced new teacher resources that will be of interest to teachers in Australia.


FOUR NEW resources for 2014 Marine Science 

Marine Research Skills (Text book)

Snorkelling transects, inexpensive sampling devices and oceanographic equipment, locate position GPS, safety, risk assessment PLUS how to snorkel or sample data from a surfboard or boat, drive a small research dingy and moor at a buoy to study tidal flows, locate sampling sites positions on a chart, plot a course and work out time for daily research activities, send a radio message back to a research station, analyse weather and tidal information for research projects and much more. 
REF: Workbooks and Project Books

Marine Science Exercises (Homework book)   

Combines ALL the exercises and worksheets from existing 25 years of Wet Paper curriculum development into one resource. Separate Year 11 and 12 sections to allow concept to be repeated and become more complex (a la Syllabus requirements). Great for new or replacement teachers as a survival guide. 
REF: Oceanography Exercises
REF: Marine Biology Exercises

Research Bay (Practice Chart)   

Based on Pages 32-33 Navigation Workbook 2nd Edition, Research Bay takes in all the exercises on the soon to be out of copyright Hillsborough Channel (1964) chart.  Charts are A3 and available in bundles of 100 at low cost

Marine Science Flipbooks (Homework web based books)   

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