Monday, May 20, 2013

2013 State and Territory Landcare Awards

Coastcare Award

About the Category
This award will be made to a community group/network for excellence in activities that have contributed to the significant improvement of local coastal and/or marine environments, including estuaries, coastal and marine wetlands and salt marsh ecosystems.

Selection Criteria:
  1. Describe the projects undertaken by the group/network that have increased community awareness and engagement with coastal environmental issues linked to  local and/or regional environmental/ natural resource management plans.
  2. How has the group/network’s activities improved the sustainable use and/or management of coastal natural resources? Provide examples of results.
  3. Demonstrate how the group/network’s activities have targeted the causes and symptoms of local coastal environmental issues.
  4. How has the group/network developed local and/or regional partnerships for Coastcare activity? For example with local councils, businesses, school, other community groups, academic institutions etc.
  5. What challenges did the group/network encounter in the development and implementation of coastal protection activities and the strategies used to address these challenges?

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