Sunday, February 23, 2014

FISH AND PEOPLE; a new educational series for students and teachers

Fish and People is a 5 module video education series with accompanying lesson plans and teaching resources developed using animation to visualise invisible life cycle and fishery management concepts. While the original target audience was the high school system in the Solomon Islands and PNG, F & P is proving popular with a much broader range of audiences across the Indo Pacific. The program's plain language style and engaging motion graphic explanations span introductory life cycle explanations through to first year university level marine ecology and fisheries biology concepts. F & P also covers the processes that underpin the importance and function of spawning aggregations: (e.g. larval dispersal, size at maturity, fecundity etc.). 

Based on an original idea by Simon Foale, and co-written with Russell Kelley who developed and directed the program's engaging graphical storytelling, Fish and People overcomes the communication problem created by the invisibility of much of the life cycle associated with coral reef species.  Fish and People is a comprehensive animated explanation of: (1) reef species life cycles, (2) larval dispersal / planktonic concepts, (3) population biology processes, and, (4) the application of the above to fishery and marine protected area management. 

Fish and People's exquisite motion graphics and best practice communication design are supported by teacher lesson plans for each of the modules. 

You can get a quick fix of the scope and style of the motion graphic storytelling by watching Module 4 here:

Module 4 Fish and People: Larval Lifeboats Near and Far. from Wally Bee on Vimeo.

You can see all the movies in the Fish and People Vimeo channel here:

You can download a table of contents for the 5 modules here:


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