Thursday, May 22, 2014


Australian Ambassador Jenny Bloomfield and Embassy staff, Athens

AUSMEPA is proud of its marine educational profile at home and abroad.

Here find a surprise photo submitted by staff at the Australian Embassy in Athens showing their support for AUSMEPA's marine environmental education and highlighting calendars and posters. Thanks very much!

The Australian Ambassador to Greece, Jenny Bloomfield, along with AUSMEPA's Chairman, Rightship CEO, Warwick Norman, will participate in this year’s Posidonia 2014 International Shipping Exhibition in Athens from 2-6 June which will be attended by over 60 delegations including Australia. 

AUSMEPA commends the shipping industry for its support for marine environmental education and action through their support of a network of Marine Environmental Protection Associations throughout the world. 

For instance, ships who qualify for AUSMEPA's ship membership stand up as iconic inspiration to their peers. By flying the AUSMEPA flag they announce their commitment to captaining ships of quality who meet international safety and environmental standards.

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