Wednesday, July 16, 2014

CSIRO report on Lionfish

CSIRO Double Helix is a fantastic site for students and teacher interested in how things work.  One recent article describes Lionfish hunting strategies including invisibility tactics.

Lionfish hunting party

Lionfish wave their big side fins before a group hunt.
Image: Wikimedia Commons/Jens Petersen
In the warm tropical ocean around the Great Barrier Reef, the lionfish hunts. Venomous fins fan out to trap a school of smaller fish. The little fish look for an escape. But this lionfish is not hunting alone.
As we grow up, we learn to share, take turns and cooperate. Now it seems lionfish use the same skills for a more deadly purpose. New research shows lionfish hunt better when they cooperate with other lionfish, and that they share the meal evenly.
Lionfish are predators and use their long, stripy fins to corner prey. 
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