Monday, June 26, 2017

The Chirp - Tropical Water Quality Hub

The Chirp - an e-news communication from the National Environmental Science Programme (NESP). They have information that will be of special interest to marine enthusiasts and educators. Below we share an interesting article on the Great Barrier Reef and the TWQ Project.

NESP Tropical Water Quality Hub  Us and the Reef: Understanding Human Dimension Indicators

"A Tropical Water Quality Hub project aims to make sense of the vast range of ‘human dimension indicators’ on the Great Barrier Reef so scientists can track their efforts to protect this vital natural asset. Nearly all current efforts to protect the Great Barrier Reef fall under the Australian Government’s Reef 2050 Plan. Four of the plan’s seven themes (‘Governance’, ‘Community’, ‘Heritage’ and ‘Economic Outcomes’) are ‘human dimensions’ in that they centre on the relationship between humans and the reef."

"There are major knowledge gaps in these areas, including understanding of regionally specific human dimensions, Indigenous cultural values and how reef-dependent communities react to unforeseen impacts such as mass bleaching events. TWQ Project 3.2.2, led by Professor Allan Dale at James Cook University’s Cairns Institute, aims to establish a comprehensive framework of environmental, social, cultural and economic outcomes that can be tested by reef researchers and managers to track progress under the Reef 2050 Plan."

Be sure to click on the TWQ Project 3.2.2. link above to find out more about this project.

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