Wednesday, February 13, 2019


Recently there has been more and more reference to the Blue Economy, appearing in Gunter Pauli's book "The Blue Economy, 10 years, 100 Innovations, 100 Million Jobs" and his Zero Emissions Research Initiatives: (ZERI).

On the Permies website here Wesley Roe posted the following 8 years ago...

Gunter Pauli suggests by emulating nature we can evolve from an economy based on scarcity to an economy based on abundance---the cascading, nutrient rich, Blue Economy.  Founder of Zero Emissions Research Initiatives (ZERI) Global Network, Gunter Pauli pioneered the concept of waste being seen as a resource that with creative thinking, can be used to create multiple enterprises from singular ones, with benefits for the economy and the environment. Pauli is fond of saying that returns on investment from these kinds of business models far exceed those of companies like Microsoft.  

The Blue Economy began as a project to find one hundred of the best nature-inspired technologies that could effect the economies of the world, while sustainably providing basic human needs.  Starting with over 2000 peer review articles, Dr. Pauli found 340 innovations that could be bundled into systems that function the way ecosystems do, that were then reviewed by a team of scientists, corporate strategists, expert financiers, and public policy makers.  For the 100 Innovations described, The Blue Economy estimates an employment potential of 100 million jobs.  The plausibility of this estimate is enhanced by the fact that there are today more people employed in renewable energies than in the oil and gas industries combined.

A terrific enhancement of this theory is the inclusion of  the notion of Biomimicry, "the design and production of materials, structures, and systems that are modelled on biological entities and processes.". 

The Blue Economy is a clear pathway forward and AUSMEPA and Rightship are contributing to this through their shipping emissions monitoring tool the Maritime Emissions Portal (MEP) here.

MEP Tool for Satellite monitoring of emissions for managers and decision makers
It's time to get the world back into balance.

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