Saturday, April 13, 2019

SEALINK, the Kangaroo Island Ferry

Kangaroo Island is a true icon of the State of South Australia. With a wealth of land and sea vistas it is a must see destination for anyone who loves nature and the outdoors.

To get there you have to cross a stretch of water called the Backstairs Passage that starts from Port Jervis on the mainland's Fleurieu Peninsula to Penneshaw on Kangaroo Islands north east edge.

AUSMEPA's Jody Plecas had the very great pleasure of traveling there this past month. And it was with some trepidation she nudged her car in amongst the throng of traffic making the journey across on the SEALINK ferry!

However she came home singing the praises of the SEALINK deckhands that guided her and her car onto the packed ferry amongst cars, boats, cattle trucks and more. Then they deftly and efficiently helped her safely disembark onto this beautiful landmark island.

While traveling across the water with them she couldn't help but notice the Community Link poster that showed how SEALINK is supporting the community too!

AUSMEPA is very proud to have SEALINK as a sponsor.

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