Thursday, June 6, 2019

ACTIVITY FOR THE LITTLIES: How to make plant confetti


It has been said that we live in a throw-away society. Many people are thinking about how to reduce our waste in a variety of ways. Using this idea what about making it just fun by making your own confetti with natural materials.

When choosing your plant leaves make sure you ask the owner of the plant, if known, if they mind if you take some leaves for this activity.

What you need:
·     1. Six or so dry leaves but this may vary as to the amount of confetti you want to make- 
2. One hole punch (or themed hole punches like the seahorse one shown in the photo) 
    and scissors
3. A clean dry table top and sheet of paper to collect the confetti when complete
4. a small container to store confetti    
This activity is lots of fun especially if you can find multi coloured leaves but even finding different shades of green is fun too.

What to do:
·        1. Using the hole punch(es) clip around the edges of the leaves
         2. When you can't get any deeper then snip the old bits away and continue
         3. Let the confetti dry a little bit and store until required

The confetti is a natural material so it needs to be used on the same day or the next day at the latest as it will begin to change, dry and brown over the next couple of days so don't try to store it for too long.

Now all you need is a good reason to have a party outside and throw it around but don't forget to clean up the area afterwards!

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