Wednesday, March 9, 2011

RightShip Develops Ship Environmental Rating

AUSMEPA congratulates RightShip Pty.Ltd. for developing a world first environmental rating option for ships listed in its ship vetting data base. 

The environmental rating comprises two components:
  • An environmental star rating based on an analysis of a range of data for each ship and includes pollution incidents, compliance with international marine environmental conventions and standards, affiliations with organisations like AUSMEPA and the Green Award.
  • A greenhouse gas emissions rating which looks at the mass of CO2 emitted in terms of grams of CO2 per tonne of cargo and distance travelled.
 It is hoped that this new initiative will assist in making sustainability a criteria in the vessel selection process used by vessel charterers who wish to ensure their cargo is carried in the best environmentally operated ships.

AUSMEPA is closely associated with RightShip Pty. Ltd which maintains an AUSMEPA fleet data base of ships in the AUSMEPA Ship Membership scheme (here). 

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