Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Rhondda Alexander Memorial Education Grant (RAMEG) awarded to Palm Beach Currumbin Senior High School

AUSMEPA would like to thank the Marine Teachers Association and the Australian schools were able to submit some wonderful projects for the inaugural Rhondda Alexander Memorial Marine Education Grant. The grant was awarded to Palm Beach Currumbin Senior High School, Currumbin, QLD for their project Students Against Overfishing (SAOF).

Year 12 Students at Palm Beach Currumbin Senior High School are initiating a campaign against overfishing after recently viewing a documentary called ‘The End of the Line’. Students had never heard about the issue before and became engaged in finding out what the local situation was. They determined that they could use a number of sources of media such as Facebook, webpage and production of a documentary for general viewing related to sustainable fishing in Queensland where fish stocks have depleted by 60% since the 1940s. Using the passion of the students Palm Beach Currumbin Senior High School have demonstrated a way for schools to introduce marine environmental study and action by integrating it into technology, marine science and communication studies.

AUSMEPA were impressed with the student's initiative to learn more and look forward to sharing the student’s video clip with you at project completion.

Other excellent submissions for 2011 were:

  • Turtles in trouble in Moreton Bay, Ormiston College
  • Clontarf Beach SHS Mangrove revegetation project,  Clontarf Beach SHS
  • Environmental Marine Management Boating Study, Heatley Secondary College
  • Establish a Marine Protected area/Park and conduct a water treatment feasibility study and plan for Malevu Fiji,  St Leonards College
  • Getting to know our reef and coastal area,Townsville SHS

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