Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Photographing Queensland's King Tides

AUSMEPA would like to remind anyone choosing to participate in this exciting project that full safety precautions should be taken particularly if children are present. 

The following excerpt is taken from the Green Cross website here

Witness King Tides

What will the Queensland coast look like in the future?

Along the QLD coast, the summer of 2012 will bring very high spring tides (king tides) which are visible during daylight hours.

King tides can demonstrate what our coasts might look like in the future under conditions of sea level rise due to climate change. Relatively rare water levels today (king tides) are likely to be very common water levels along much of the coast toward the end of the century due to projected sea level rise. Photographing the impacts on the peak of the king tide enables the community to visualize what the landscape might look like when these waters levels are much higher as a result of sea level rise.

With over 85% of Australia's population living less than 50km from the coast, learning what the future might hold is important.

Green Cross Australia invites all Queenslanders to witness the 2012 king tides, and contribute to the project by taking photos and sharing them online.  Your photos will play an important part in this community citizen science initiative, which will illustrate potential vulnerable areas by developing a photographic database which will assist in planning for future implications of sea level rise.  

The Witness King Tides website will launch in November with all of the details for being part of the project.  We would love to see your family, school, or community group get involved and be part of future solutions.

What is it?

By taking photos of the sea level during the 2012 summer king tide we can build a picture database of what the future might hold for Queensland communities. Next, all the images will be uploaded to the Witness King Tides website to create a state-wide mosaic of tidal waters that will be far more common by the end of the century as sea levels continue to rise. These images will assist to identify areas at risk and promote awareness about the urgency to plan well ahead to address these risks.

Get involved

The King Tides site will be live mid November where information about the timing of the king tide in your area will be available as well as details for registering to participate.  Keep an eye on the site for details of photography workshops before the King Tides event for anyone wanting to hone their photography skills. Spread the word to your family, friends and colleagues and plan a photography outing on the day.


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