Thursday, November 10, 2011

Sanctuary Harvest of Invasive Marine Pest Undaria,

One of the interesting things about wild places is the capacity of non-native species to intrude and take over from native species and Port Phillip has a long list. One of the more recent is the kelp Undaria.

Marine Care Ricketts Point is a  friends group associated with a small Marine Sanctuary at Ricketts Point on the eastern side of Port Phillip Bay, Victoria, The group has demonstrated outstanding community leadership and has been influential both socially and environmentally in protecting it  through a range of activities. 

Recently the group conducted a successful Undaria Harvest. Because of the nature of Undaria it is particularly difficult to eradicate.The basic strategy was to harvest the high profile reefs areas and a small buffer area surrounding them.

The density of the infestation made the effort very labour intensive however it also yielded information on what harvesting methods proved more efficient. The effort didn't free the Sanctuary of Undaria but it did free up some significant areas for natives to re-establish.

If your community group is interested in marine park stewardship you might like to take a look at the Marine Care Ricketts Point website here for some great ideas.

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