Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Education for Sustainability Professional Learning Hub

The Education for Sustainability (EfS) Hub is an initiative developed by the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage and the Australian Association of Environmental Education (AAEE) New South Wales Chapter. A number of industry professionals were contracted to design an online professional development tool for people working in sustainability or environmental education. The Education for Sustainability Professional Learning Hub (The EfS Hub)  was created and is free to join and use.
How it Works
The EfS Hub website is a professional support resource for people working in Education for Sustainability (including Environmental and Marine Education). The website is designed around a framework (The Education for Sustainability Capabilities Framework) which includes all the skills and knowledge (capabilities) necessary for effective Education for Sustainability. It is designed to link EfS Practitioners to industry-specific information, workshops, courses, resources and websites. 
Upon registering, you complete a survey. The EfS Hub then uses your responses to link you with resources and service providers in areas where you need support. In addition, you can use the Hub to search for events in various categories or locations, as well we using it to promote EfS events or workshops you may be facilitating. Essentially, it facilitates links between EfS practitioners, service providers and information. 


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