Friday, March 2, 2012

NATIONAL SEAWEEK 2012; Plastics in the sea

March 11 -17

This water is polluted with litter and hidden bacteria

by Bob Winters

The miracle of plastic is that it is slow to breakdown so when it becomes litter it can last a long long time even longer than you. In the sea it’s like a trap being able to choke some animals when it’s eaten or trap and kill other animals when they get entangled.

Plastic in the sea is something we can all help to prevent. On this page there are links so you can:
1    .      Find out how mind blowing the problem the problem is
2    .      Learn how plastic other litter and pollution starts in the streets around you
3    .      Tell others what they can do to save our seas.

Mind blowing problem
Project Kaisei is an anti plastic campaign that runs out of Hong Kong. They want to clean the many millions of tones of plastic floating in the ocean. Go to their website to find out just how big the problem is and how much of the ocean is covered in plastic.

Litter in your street = polluted seas
In Australia most of the plastic that gets into the sea is litter caused by people like us. This website will help you find how litter gets into the sea and why it is a problem. It will also give you ideas about solving the problems and what you can do to help.

How can I get others to help?
Believe it or not if you were to explain an environmental problem to someone, they are more willing to believe you rather than a Politian. What is it about litter destroying our marine environment that you are passionate about? You don’t need to be a media tycoon to tell the world. Use the communication tools on the AUSMEPA website to design your own media project to tell others how they need to help protect the sea from plastic.

Use the photos that can be downloaded from this website in your communication project.
Email AUSMEPA to post to you a free Marine Litter poster and download digital images of the posters from

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