Friday, July 6, 2012

SEA ORBITER - an inner space project
Perhaps there are shades of Jules Verne's scientific thirst in this futuristic project. Moving from science fiction to science fact the remarkable SeaOrbiter is a mobile oceanic research station and preparations are on course for the project launch in 2013. The project's overview can be found here

The ocean drifting vessel, perhaps the first of many, sits vertically in the water column to a depth of 31 metres and extends above the water another 20 metres. It will house up to 18 people who will spend their time living and working beneath the surface of the ocean. Observations and scientific monitoring will occur 24hrs a day above and below the surface. 

Like a space station SeaOrbiter will have laboratories, workshops and living quarters. It will also have a pressurized deck with diving gear and submarines instead of spacesuits and spacecraft. The SeaOrbiter has both a multi-level atmospheric pressure module and a pressurized module that opens undersea.  

Click here to view and English language video of the project or paste the following link into your browser -

A fascinating project and definitely a 'watch this space' adventure.

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