Monday, July 30, 2012

Taming a killer in Townsville

Following remedial action by the Port of Townsville and a few years down the track a local salt marsh area that had been killed off by acid sulphate has now been stablised. 

The results are great. The port received the AUSMEPA Environmental Award 2010-2011 for its actions

Changes to the salt marsh began with a failed aquaculture attempt. 

Further damage to the site occurred through dirt bike recreation and the practice of indiscriminate rubbish dumping. It was a real mess and water quality in the adjacent creek was also compromised.

These days the once decimated salt pan abounds with animal tracks along with the natural return of the brilliant and salt marsh plants to this semi tidal zone. 

Migratory birds again grace the area and if you find it hard to see them skittering away in the distance you won't have any trouble at all finding a multitude of tracks decorating the dried mud.

Management of the land has been handed over to Parks and Wildlife Queensland and the area is currently closed to the public while it recovers. 

Do you know of a project that should be nominated for an Award? 

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