Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Atlantic Hero
Hosting quality ships as members who promote high environmental and safety standards on the sea is a source of great pride to the Australian Marine Environment Protection Association (AUSMEPA) a not for profit founded in July 2000. 

AUSMEPA uses the following guidelines to determine ship quality and assess potential ships for AUSMEPA membership, any one will qualify a ship for consideration:
  • Two continuous years free of detention under Australia's port State control regime;
  • A US Coast Guard QUALSHIP 21 Certificate;
  • A Green Award certificate;
  • Any other internationally recognised certificate or record providing evidence of the ships' quality and safety record, e.g. from a ship vetting company

For many years Sun Enterprises Ltd has been one of the international companies whose ships are entitled to fly the AUSMEPA flag as a message to their peers of their commitment to "an uncompromising pursuit quality". 

When Captain Michael Fragias of Sun Enterprises was asked what he liked about the AUSMEPA program he replied, "Sun Enterprises was among the early supporters of the Hellenic Marine Environment Protection Association (HELMEPA) initiatives launched in 1982 in Greece. A great number of shore and sea-going personnel are members of HELMEPA."

"AUSMEPA was one of the first followers of the worldwide effort to protect our seas from any source of pollutants."

"In appreciation of AUSMEPA objectives, aiming to protect the earth's natural systems and as some of our managed vessels are regularly trading in Australia, the management of Sun Enterprises, always acting on behalf of the Owners, decided for some dry-cargo vessels to participate in the AUSMEPA ship membership."

"For all of us in Sun Enterprises Ltd, protection of the sea and marine environment is absolutely vital for the sustainable development of mankind and in general in preserving all living species in this unique blue planet, our earth."

AUSMEPA would like to thank Captain Fragias and Sun Enterprises Ltd. for their commitment to clean seas and a healthy planet. 

You can view all participating ship members on the AUSMEPA website here

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