Tuesday, February 12, 2013

CoralWatch - Guide for Education and Awareness

2nd Edition

AUSMEPA friends, CoralWatch, would like to announce that they have just released the second edition of their book "Coral Reefs and Climate Change - the Guide for Education and Awareness".  The second edition has been fully updated to include the latest scientific findings and new sections. All books come with a coral health chart.

The highly regarded book is beautifully illustrated bringing coral reef science to students and general public. It is 262 pages and has chapters on oceanography, coral reef biology and ecology, climate change and approaches to conservation.   

The book can be purchased alone or as a set with an educational DVD series. The DVDs contain 22 short videos (3-8 minutes each) covering key topics from the book, and incorporates interviews with scientists and animated diagrams to bring the science to life.

2012 prices will hold through to the end of February. Find the link to the current book and DVD order form here.   

A great compliment to AUSMEPA's unit of work The Effects of Climate Change on Coral Bleaching here


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