Tuesday, March 31, 2015

AUSMEPA's new marine art and craft pages

Welcome to AUSMEPA's marine art pages HERE

Art is a way to express ideas in a different language. It is most successful when it can be understood by the many rather than the few. However, the art and craft at AUSMEPA is designed to encourage the expression about and to serve as a demonstration of learning about things in the ocean. And it is fun.

The materials suggested in the activities reflect lateral thinking, as art so often does. 

The limiting factors are what you have at hand, what can be sourced easily and economically as well as thinking outside the box.

These activities may provide a good partner to science or sustainability units of work in the classroom. Or they can stand alone. 

The activities are not rated for age as almost all can be adjusted up or down to suit.

We would love to hear about what you've created after looking at these projects and any comments you have that might make the experience richer for others. Send them to education@ausmepa.org.au


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