Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Farewell Shorebirds 21 March o 19th April 2015

Are you up for the challenge?

Right now over 5 million shorebirds are migrating from Australia to breed in the Arctic – for some that’s the equivalent of doing 309 consecutive marathons with only one or two drink stops along the way. And what’s more, once they have nested and raised their young, they turn around and do it all again.

From 21 March – 19 AprilBirdLife Australia will be celebrating its annual migratory shorebird event, Farewell Shorebirds. 

They are challenging people from around Australia to head outdoors to help them reach a national target—a fraction of the distance travelled by a single shorebird over its lifetime. Do we as a nation have what it takes to walk, jog, cycle or swim as far as these incredible birds?

Highlighting the captivating story of the shorebirds’ annual global migration, Farewell Shorebirds explores why the birds make this remarkable journey and how they rely on Australia’s wetlands, coastlines and estuaries for their survival.

To be a part of this exciting event head to the website, log your distance travelled each day, help reach the national target and go into the draw to win some incredible prizes.

BirdLife Australia
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