Monday, April 13, 2015


AUSMEPA has launched a new flexible student website for helping our marine here environment. It will support a wide range of marine issues that are of ongoing interest as well as those that become topical over time. The main areas of interest will include action projects, habitats, marine creatures and other topics that spring up all the time.  

Mangroves, a marine and coastal issue that students and communities can relate to, have started off the new webpages. The values of mangroves are poorly understood and are far more valuable than people assume. Areas that would be covered:
  • The importance of mangroves as habitat, fish resources, barrier to storms and tsunamis and a carbon sink.
  • Why mangroves are threatened.
  • What are mangroves and where they occur?
  • Mangrove adaptations including examples of life cycles.
  • How saltmarshes are associated with mangroves and their conservation.
  • Animals dependant on mangroves including aquatic and are breathing animals.
  • What is being done and what communities and schools are doing to conserve mangroves. 
  • Community projects, organisations, links and references
This topic can be fitted into a number of areas in science and geography of the Australian Curriculum.

Art and craft activities 

At AUSMEPA we are well aware that implementing many learning styles gives students a better way to embed and communicate what they have learned and it can be lots of imaginative fun.

The new KISS webpages include art and craft activities here under the KISS Craft tab.

Current activities begin looking at elements related to denizens and habitats of the open ocean, coral reefs, rocky reefs, seagrass and wetlands.

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