Sunday, April 26, 2015

SEA ANEMONE craft project

Sea anemones are the flowers of the sea. They are related to sea jellies, corals and many other cousins that have polyps with stinging cells. Anemones may live alone or in colonies. They have many colours. They feed by extending their tentacles into the water hoping to catch tiny animals passing by.

Many anemones in cooler southern (or northern) waters are harmless to people although when touched they feel sticky and cling to your finger. 

This anemone is a stylised version using a round plastic bowl and the bottoms of PET drink bottles.

What you need:
  • ·        Round plastic soup/cereal/disposable bowl (alternatively you can use a paper bowl)
  • ·        Plastic PET drink bottles
  • ·        Paper (white)
  • ·        Parchment paper (used in the kitchen for baking)
  • ·        Iron & surface suitable to iron on
  • ·        Scissors
  • ·        Paper
  • ·        pencil or pen
  • ·        Craft glue
  • ·        Acrylic paint

·        An adult should use the iron

What to do:
·        Cut strips from the outside to the inner edge of the inside of the  bowl (you may like to make some curvy by repeatedly scrunching them up to add interest to the shape

·        Cut the bottoms off of a larger and smaller PET drink bottle

·        Put one of the PET bottoms (curved side down) on top of a piece of parchment paper on a soft safe ironing surface

·        Place a second piece of parchment paper over the top of the PET bottom

·        Keeping your hands well away from the iron, gently press the hot iron onto the parchment paper and swirl around gently, pulling the parchment paper off to check often to see that the sides have softened and bent downwards. (Be sure to replace the parchment paper back on top if you need to do more heating)

·        Let cool for a minute or two and repeat with the second PET bottom

·        If your PET drink bottles have a colour you might like to cut rings and soften the edges in the same way as you did with the bottoms  (See inner ring that is green in illustration)

·        To change the way the tentacles look you can use acrylic paint to make them look more like real tentacles 


Link to learn more about red Waratah anemones:

To find activity online go to and click on KISS Art

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