Monday, May 4, 2015

Marine activities for primary school aged children

AUSMEPA is a good source for marine education materials for primary and middle school students.

Since the early 2000's teachers have been able to source free posters sets that correspond to free online units of work related to stormwater run-off, marine pests and threats, coral bleaching and climate change, rockpools, ships and ports and the marine environment. They simply email with their name, school, address and telephone number.

Last year the poster portfolio was upgraded and new primary posters were created to meet demand from our clients for single animals. Fact sheets that accompany the new posters are below.

Hermit crab
Fairy penguin
Seahorses and seadragons
Sharks and Rays

The primary posters were a sensation and we were inundated with requests for education units and activities for all levels of primary students to go with the new posters can be found here.

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