Saturday, November 20, 2010

Ultramarine - Seahorses

Ocean images often trigger discussion around protection. Here is an Ultramarine YouTube clip of some iconic ocean animals that need our thought, consideration and protection.

Seahorses don't have a tail fin, in fact they are decidedly short of fins. Their heads bend forward and don't line up with their backbone, as it does in other fish, giving them a horsey look. They suck food up through their long straw-like mouths after snapping their tiny jaws shut. Their body armour is made up of scales fused together, a less than appetizing meal for many would be predators. It doesn't help, though, for their biggest problem is people.

All around the world seahorses are loved and collected, either for Asian medicine or keepsakes. Living in shallow coastal waters these little fish are subjected to habitat degradation from land-based activities. Stormwater run-off quality is an often cited  reason. Teachers wishing to incorporate studies on keeping our coastal waters clean will be inspired by AUSMEPA's free online education materials related to Marine Stormwater Pollution - here.

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  1. Thanks for posting this. We have a seahorse relative in the NE Pacific and I spend alot of time trying to find the rare species in Hawaiian waters.

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