Thursday, November 18, 2010

Underwater Environmental Noise Course, Brisbane Dec 6 & 7

Underwater noise is an area of environmental pollution that requires the attention of our environmental scientists, engineers, ports and government agencies. The SVT course being offered in Brisbane this year brings together knowledge around the fundamentals of underwater noise and its propagation  through the water. 

The course will describe how noise can affect marine animals, it will describe the auditory structures and bandwidths of various marine animals, and it will also describe common noise sources and their possible impact on marine animals. Guidance will also be provided on the environmental impact assessment process with regards to marine noise impacts.

• Fundamentals of underwater acoustics
• Marine Animals auditory structures and bandwidth (Whales, Turtles and Fish both hearing
specialist and generalists)
• Typical underwater noise sources
• Overview of Underwater Modelling
• Guidelines for assessment

Duration: 2 days
Dates:      6 & 7 December 2010
Location: Unit 23, 160 Lytton Rd, Morningside, Qld  4170
Cost:       $890 plus GST

For further information contact Baz Ismail
Tel:     0894892051
Mob:  0419993233

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