Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Underwater hull cleaning process may be setting benchmarks in the Netherlands

A recent article in the Baird Maritime newsletter (click here) features an article on an underwater hull cleaning process. Ecospeed appears to meet needs of ocean going vessels and addresses many concerns by eco aware ports like the Port of Rotterdam, Netherlands.

The article says "The Dutch Ministry of Transport carried out an elaborate study of effluent samples which has conclusively shown that no toxins are released at any stage, either at application, during curing or during in-water treatment. The measurements further showed that during conditioning only non-toxic fine particulate matter is released."

Teachers wishing to introduce issues around ships and ports into their lesson plans should visit AUSMEPA for reference information and student activities (click here)

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  1. Well, technically speaking, carrier sentry concepts don't require switching hulls, but being able to does reduce losses.
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