Wednesday, September 26, 2012

CORALWATCH Educational Video Series

Anyone who hasn't had a chance to see this resource is in for a pleasant surprise. The Coral Watch folks have packaged up a terrific series of informational themes about the environment. 

The DVD is reasonably priced and you can find out how to get your own copy here.

Friday, September 14, 2012

POLAR WEEK 16-22 September 2012

The Association of Polar Early Career Scientists (APECS) here is made up of many early career polar researchers who often work in isolation. Their major connecting point with others is through their website. What a great opportunity to join them for some great activities during Polar Week 2012 (below).

Join our bi-annual International Polar Week Celebration featuring a variety of presentations and activities September 16 - 22, 2012!
International Polar Week coincides with the fall equinox, one of two times a year when everyone on the planet gets 12 hours of sunlight. We want to celebrate on a global scale by focusing on the science being conducted in the Arctic and Antarctic. Inspired by the many great things that came out of the International Polar Year celebrations, we hope that the bi-annual Polar Week celebration will link people in polar science and polar education.
You can join the celebration in a number of ways
ENGAGE in a GLOBAL activity. Flakes, Blobs, Bubbles: An Ice Core Art Project explores how ice sheets and glaciers form as well as explores why and how scientists study ice. The project is available in several different languages. Participate in the biggest polar event of the year!
CONNECT to the POLES with researchers who are working the Arctic and Antarctic through real-time, interactive, webinar events. Multiple events are scheduled for participation from around the globe.
MAKE broader IMPACTS by joining scientists and educators in online discussions on how to bring the polar regions into the classroom and community.
ACCESS polar week ACTIVITIES and presentations online to share with a school or do in your own classroom.
ASK questions and have them answered by SCIENTISTS that work in the poles! We have over 40 scientist ready to answer your questions!
LAUNCH a virtual balloon and watch our learning community grow! 
LEARN about the current RESEARCH being done in polar education, and how you can get involved duing our discipline of the month webinar.
International Polar Week is brought to you through support from APECSARCUS, PEI, IASC, and SCAR. Thanks to all our supporters!
If you are interested in getting involved or learning more you can contact the APECS Education and Outreach Committee co-chairs, Heidi Roop (roop.heidi at and Teresa Valkonen (teresa.valkonen at

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Coast to Coast, Living on the Edge, Brisbane 17-21 Sept 2012

Coastal conference examines topical development issues

There is still time to get involved in one of Australia’s premier environmental events with the Coast to Coast Conference (C2C) 2012 being held in Brisbane this month.

The preeminent event attracts around 400 scientists, academics, policy makers, managers and community workers from Australia and overseas.

C2C Organising Committee Chair, Dr Mara Wolkenhauer, said with 90 per cent of Australia’s population located on the coast, this year’s theme, Living on the Edge, is extremely relevant.

“For now and the future it pays to remain mindful of how our environmental impacts all eventually lead to the coast. Inland and upstream development, industry and agricultural activity can affect our waterways, most of which ultimately flow to the ocean,” Dr Wolkenhauer said.

“This event offers a forum to explore those challenges and aims to focus debate, discussion and learning at international, national, regional, state and local levels.”

The event will feature internationally acclaimed, historian, novelist and essayist, Ronald Wright, as one of the keynote speakers. His best seller, A Short History of Progress, inspired a recent documentary produced by Martin Scorsese titled, Surviving Progress.

Antony Funnell from ABC Radio National will host a debate “Living on the Edge – coasting along or crisis” examining if progress will push coastal communities over the edge. The debate will feature author Ronald Wright, development industry representative Dr Mark Gibbs, and leading scientists including Prof Hugh Possingham and Prof Bruce Thom, to be later broadcast on ABC Radio National’s Big Ideas program.

Coast to Coast 2012 is at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre from September 17-21. For more information visit

Tuesday, September 4, 2012


What a great idea. 
Here is some information on what is happening in Queensland. We'll be there.

Would love to hear back from folks about whether other states are holding yearly resource expositions for educators. Contact Jody at


Teachers wishing they had a blank map to use in classroom discussion will be very happy to find an online resource at WikkiMedia Commons 

The map shown below is one of many. It will be most useful for Australian educators as it is  centred on the Indo-Pacific Region.

Many thanks to WikkiMedia Commons Atlas for making this tool and others like it freely available to the public.