Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Project Aware: One Million Less Items of Trash in our Ocean

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AUSMEPA congratulates Project Aware and the Army of Activity Divers in their Dive Against Debris!

The #OneMillionLess milestone is a wonderful contribution to the health of the Ocean around the world.The array of seafloor debris that divers collected and reported is astounding.

Statistics given"

  • 1 million pieces removed since 2011
  • 48,199 scuba divers
  • 5351 surveys
  • 114 countries participating
  • 5,597 Entangled or dead animals
  • 64% of the waste was plastic
  • 307,064 kilograms or 676,959 pounds total weight removed 

You might like to join in this amazing effort

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One Million Less Items of Trash in our Ocean; Project AWARE, Dive Against Debris


Photo by Sunshine Divers, Thailand