Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Plastic Free July - are you in?

Finally we are all becoming aware of what plastics are doing to our oceans.

The large natural whirlpools or ocean gyres collect our waste and swirl plastics around and around endlessly. Some sink, some float but much reduces into a slimy slurry that is inadvertantly eaten becoming part of the food chain.

There are many things we can do to address the issue but it means changing how we think and what we do from our daily habit, to government decision making and management, to commercial and industrial accountability towards public welfare rather than economic bottom line. We are all responsible for making the change.

Some of the easiest quickest ways for us to demonstrate our willingness to restore balance are on a personal level with the choices we make and the action we take.


1. Pick up waste, even 3 pieces a day will help!

2. Choose to say 'no' to take away items that will become waste after one use like plastic bags, cups and straws.

3. Support decision makers who recognise the importance of minimising plastics and maximising innovations for reuse like making roads or returning plastic into oil or making plastic into home buildings.

4. Support companies that can demonstrate their commitment to a healthy ocean and healthy planet as well as their own profits.

5. Make a decision to join the community movement towards a healthy environment ensuring the well-being of our families and friends. Join clean up groups and talk about what you've seen with others.