Sunday, May 22, 2011

Centers For Ocean Sciences Education Excellence (COSEE) - Ocean Literacy education materials

AUSMEPA is always happy to acknowledge excellence in ocean education. If you are interested in Coral Reef Conservation? You should have a look at COSEE (here) Coastal Trends education modules and website:

"The goal of Coastal Trends, part of the Centers For Ocean Sciences Education Excellence (COSEE) network, is to increase literacy in ocean science with a focus on understanding dynamic coastal trends through partnerships among scientists, educators, students, and the general public."

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Innovative chefs looking at sustainable seafood options

The resourceful chef in the May 23, 2011 issue of Time magazine article (pg 42) puts almost anything on the menu from sea jellies to seaweeds. Real innovation comes from one Angel Leon at his restaurant Aponiente, Puerto de Santa Maria near Cadiz Spain. The restaurant's website is

Angel's food always tells a story about the sea. Earlier this year Time says 

"he created a 'food chain' tasting menu that began with a spoonful of green phytoplankton, them moved upward though tiny shrimp, served as fritters, to local sardines and spectacular gray mullet, which Leon hung for nine days, as if it were game, before serving in a yellow plankton emulsion." 

The article below features another Spanish chef who boasts a speciality of sea jellies. The article points out

"Carme Ruscalleda, who has won five Michelin stars for her restaurants worldwide, has developed a range of jellyfish-based dishes for her flagship Sant Pau restaurant in the coastal town of Sant Pol de Mar near Barcelona."
Preparations for jellyfish soup. The Michelin-starred Catalan chef Carme Ruscalleda , who says the creatures are 'beautiful marine princesses'
The Independent newspaper
Fancy A jellyfish soup? Or a mini-bundle of blanched vegetables with julienne strips of jellyfish?