Sunday, December 26, 2010

TED TALK: Dianna Cohen: Tough truths about plastic pollution | Video on
This really is the bottom line regarding plastics. We must refuse them whenever and wherever possible.There will be some trade-offs. We need to take a step back in time in order to regain our footing. For me the bin liners are a killer. If you have ideas for dealing with kitchen needs send them to me or post a comment on this article. 
Some of the things we can do:
Purchase goods in glass jars and save them for food storage in the fridge.
Use a dish to cover over food in the fridge rather than plastic wrap
There are so many reasons not to use plastics in the freezer but alernatives are challenging -- use foil containers and then reuse them for as long as you can.
If your premises can't manage a compost bin then you might trial digging a small hole in the garden and bury the food waste progressively - it would keep the garden turned over too.

AUSMEPA has a free online Marine Pollution unit of work for middle year students. Click here for more

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Sea-Safari: science and nature for everyone in Victoria's Riviera

Now this is the kind of tour I’d love to join – a ‘hands-on’ experience with an expert interpreter! Sea-Safari takes passengers to remote places around the Gippsland Lakes that have no vehicle access. The experience aboard the Lakes Explorer vessel has participants enjoying tour commentary while learning about the remarkable nature of the lakes and estuaries. They will, depending on which tour, be able to participate in research on sea-birds, sea-horses, marine life identification or water test for salinity levels that affect the wildlife. 

Skipper Peter Johnstone knows much about the nature of people, boats and even more about the nature of our coasts. He’s figured out a way of sharing it with all of us in a real immediate and instructive manner. Additionally data that is collected each day contributes to the body of scientific knowledge desperately required to understand how to keep our coasts healthy.

To find our more about Lakes Explorer and Skipper Peter Johnstone click here
or ring 03 5155 5027 or  0458511438   

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Summer by the Sea at Ricketts Sanctuary, VIctoria

15th DECEMBER 2011
Hakan Dellal

Marine Care Ricketts Point Inc. and Beaumaris Life Saving Club

Summer Marine Discovery and Water Safety January 2011 Program

A landmark community “enterprise” at a land mark location. Ricketts Point in Beaumaris this year will be the site for discovery and summer fun with the delivery of a month long marine discovery and water safety program.

Having been awarded funding as part of Bayside City Council’s Community Grants initiative local organizations, Beaumaris Life Saving Club and Marine Care Ricketts Point Inc., are across January 2011 presenting an array of water and coastal activities centered on Ricketts Point Marine Sanctuary and some of its more popular beaches.

Sea kayaking, snorkeling, rock pool and foreshore rambles are just some of the activities on offer at Ricketts Point Marine Sanctuary, near the Beaumaris Life Saving Club,

Under the guidance of experienced kayakers, divers and marine and coastal educators, those who join in will experience and discover the rich natural history and surprising biodiversity of Victoria’s marine and coastal treasures.

The Beaumaris Life Saving Club will be showcasing ”Nippers” and other activities, enabling children and families to get involved in the fun of life saving, making new friends and learning vital water safety skills all Victorian children and families need being the water loving creatures they are.

All activities are all free and aimed at school aged children, adults, families as well as the disabled.

The sea kayaking activities require booking, see the Marine Care website for dates and contact information.

All other activities can be undertaken without booking on allocated days. Snorkeling, both children and adult sessions will be undertaken off the disabled diver’s ramp near the Beaumaris Yacht Club (Car park B17, Melways Ref Map 86 B8) and led by Churchill Fellow and renowned diver Mike Letch.

All other activities are based around Marine Care’s newly Marine Education Center at Beaumaris Life Saving Club headquarters, established in partnership with the Club. (Car park B18, Melways REF Map 86 C9)

The centre, a facility for public and school education has been designed as an outreach location for use by tour operators who deliver marine, environmental and outdoor education to the schools sector.

Marine Care has utilized many of these tour operators including the Gould league, Dolphin Research Institute, Bay Play, and East Coast Kayaking to lead the summer program activities.

In addition two special Teachers Expo days will be held on the 27th and 28th of January to enable primary and secondary teachers to observe and gather information about programs to compliment their curriculum.

Program operates every weekend in January 2011 starting on the 4th and finishing January 30th. Teacher Expos are 27th and 28th of January.
Sea kayaking bookings 22nd Jan., Bay Play (03) 9598 0888.
Sea kayaking bookings 29th Jan., East Coast Kayaking (03) 9597 0549.
For information and any updates go to