Thursday, January 7, 2010

Living on the Edge - Annual Marine Science Forum

Sapphire Coast Marine Discovery Centre

Living on the Edge is the 2nd Annual Marine Science Forum and will be held on 20th & 21st March 2010 at the Eden Marine High School Hall, Eden, NSW. Presenters include:

Professor Patrick De Deckker, Associate Director Research School of Earth Sciences, ANU Presentation Title: “Deep-sea canyons offshore South Australia, taller than the Grand Canyon”

George D.F. (Buz) Wilson, Principal Research Scientist, Australian Museum
Presentation Title: “Untold numbers of species: Isopod Crustaceans on the deep-sea floor”

Dr John Paxton, Senior Fellow, Australian Museum, Sydney
Presentation Title: “Deep Sea Fishes: lanternfishes to whalefishes extraordinary animals in the world’s largest habitat”

Dr Rachel Przeslawski, Geoscience Australia
Presentation Title: “Life in the Intertidal Zone”

Professor Bill Maher, University of Canberra
Presentation Title: “How Pristine is the Pristine South Coast?”

Simon Mustoe (CEnvP, MEIANZ). Director, AES Applied Ecology Solutions.
Presentation Title: “Why I should give a flying f**sh, about what happens to seabirds off the Sapphire Coast!”

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