Saturday, December 14, 2013

INTERMEPA; the affiliation of international associations

AUSMEPA was a founding member of the International Marine Environment Protection Association (INTERMEPA) and participated at its inaugural meeting on 6 June 2006 in Athens.
INTERMEPA was formed to bring together at an international level the various MEPAS from around the world. It has similar objectives to its members MEPAS with more focus at the international level.
Other founding MEPAS were:
  • CYMEPA – The Cyprus Marine Environment Protection Association
  • HELMEPA – The Hellenic Marine Environment Protection Association
  • TURMEPA – The Turkish Marine Environment Protection Association
Since its establishment INTERMEPA has welcomed the following MEPAS:
  • NAMEPA – The North American Marine Environment Protection Association
  • UKRMEPA – The Ukrainian Marine Environment Protection Association
  • URUMEPA – The Uruguayan Marine Environment Protection Association

INTERMEPA Objectives

  • Encourage the effective compliance of the members of every MEPA with the national and international laws and regulations adopted for the protection of the marine environment from pollution;
  • Conduct a uniform public awareness campaign with top priority to offer young schoolchildren in every MEPA's country a specially designed education on the marine environmental and the ways to prevent its pollution;
  • Create and promote safety mindedness and security spirit within the industrial sectors in each country that are voluntarily enlisting as members in every MEPA;
  • Enhance quality standards and professional competence throughout each MEPA's membership and especially the members from within the maritime community, with the means of a concerted training effort to educate and inform all, from the owner to the youngest employee of every participating company;
  • Cooperate with International Organizations, i.e. UNEP, the United Nations Environment Program, IMO, the International Maritime Organization, E.U., the European Union as well as national agencies, i.e. Coast Guards, Port Authorities, Tourist Boards and any other entity whose aims coincide with those of INTERMEPA;
  • Promote relationships and/or partnerships with educational institutions (schools, Colleges, Universities, Maritime Academies and other) to further spread the MEPA voluntary commitment within today's youth who are the world's future scientists, engineers, managers, politicians etc;
  • Publicly recognize individuals, associations, organizations, companies and any other that demonstrate outstanding achievements in the field of the protection of the marine environment from pollution;
  • Promote and spread the MEPA philosophy in other countries.
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