Tuesday, November 3, 2015

OCEAN ACIDIFICATION: 4th International Symposium on the Ocean in a High-CO2 World, 3rd-6th May 2016, Hobart TASMANIA

This Symposium is a gathering of the world’s leading experts in a rapidly developing frontier of research dealing with the science of ocean acidification.

This is the first time the Symposium will be held in the Southern Hemisphere and will highlight the importance of ocean acidification for the region. The symposia typically attract over 500 participants and are prime networking events, bringing together researchers, students, and government and industry representatives.

Abstracts are due by 4 November and can be submitted via the online presentation portal.

Symposium Themes

We particularly encourage submissions that are designed to make progress and stimulate critical thinking and debate in any of the conference theme sessions listed below.
A detailed description for each theme area can be found on thewebsite.
  • Organism responses to Ocean Acidification
  • Ecological effects of Ocean Acidification
  • Changing carbonate chemistry of the Ocean
  • Advances in Ocean Acidification research and monitoring
  • Ocean Acidification and society – economics and food security
  • Mitigation of Ocean Acidification
  • Ocean Acidification and the increasingly crowded ocean – global change multistressors

Open Workshops

A series of workshops that will amplify some of main themes of the Oceans in a High CO2 World Symposium will take place prior to or after the main meeting.
These less formal workshops will comprise oral presentations, discussion sessions and in some cases hands-on practical sessions.

Visit the website for workshop overviews: www.highco2-iv.org/workshops
  • Coral reefs in a high CO2 world – Heron Island
    27-30 April 2016
  • xFOCE systems: present status and future developments workshop
    28-29 April 2016
  • Chemical, biological, and statistical considerations for ocean acidification experiments
    28 and 29 April (Thursday and Friday) and 2 May (Monday)
  • Global Ocean Acidification Observing Network (GOA-ON) Workshop
    8-10 May 2016
  • The fate of “Sea Butterfly” in the high CO2 world: finalising the role of pteropod as bio-indicators of ocean acidification
    9-10 May 2016
  • Multiple stressors and marine biota
    9-11 May 2016