Sunday, May 17, 2015

The Tasmanian Coastal Litter and Marine Debris Survey

Title: Exploring education responses to coastal litter and marine debris in Tasmania through collaborative learning and participation

Marine debris and litter on coastlines is globally recognised as a growing and pervasive problem. Tasmania, being an island state, experiences a range of issues and impacts and is well placed to investigate coastal litter and marine debris problems and solutions.
Emerging research in Tasmania is seeking to understand how people work and learn together and explore education approaches in response to coastal litter and marine debris issues.
The PhD study aims to explore collaboration, learning and participation in education responses to coastal litter and marine debris in Tasmania. It commences with a survey to capture a snapshot of the perceptions and experiences of Tasmanian coastal stakeholders to help identify gaps, strengths and opportunities for education approaches.
This is an opportunity for Tasmanian’s to share their views and experiences and to help inform future responses to coastal litter and marine debris.
All coastal stakeholders are invited to participate in an online survey.

The survey is open until 30th June 2015 and takes 15- 30 minutes to complete. Hard copies are available on request.
This study is led by Leah Page, PhD candidate, Faculty of Education, UTas, is supported by the Alcorso Foundation and the Bookend Trust, and has been approved by the Tasmanian Social Sciences Human Research Ethics Committee H0014628.
Please get involved and help inform future education responses to coastal litter and marine debris in Tasmania.
For more information, contact Leah Page at or 0438 454 260.

Photo: Leah Page with a collection of litter she cleaned up from her local beach. By Barb Lennox.

For more details about this communication:

Ms Leah Page
PhD Candidate, Faculty of Education
University of Tasmania  0438 454 260
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Monday, May 4, 2015

Marine activities for primary school aged children

AUSMEPA is a good source for marine education materials for primary and middle school students.

Since the early 2000's teachers have been able to source free posters sets that correspond to free online units of work related to stormwater run-off, marine pests and threats, coral bleaching and climate change, rockpools, ships and ports and the marine environment. They simply email with their name, school, address and telephone number.

Last year the poster portfolio was upgraded and new primary posters were created to meet demand from our clients for single animals. Fact sheets that accompany the new posters are below.

Hermit crab
Fairy penguin
Seahorses and seadragons
Sharks and Rays

The primary posters were a sensation and we were inundated with requests for education units and activities for all levels of primary students to go with the new posters can be found here.