Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Container Deposit Scheme helps keep beaches clean

Australia is surrounded by sea. Disused packaging inevitably finds its way to the sea and back onto our beaches.

In years gone by Victoria had a return bottle and can for cash scheme which unfortunately was rescinded many years ago. They do have an active recycling program and some scrap metal businesses will buy cans for cash.

However South Australia who started their scheme in 1977 are now celebrating forty years in protecting the environment in this way. See more here

In 2012 the Northern Territory started a Cash For Containers program that has been going great guns and substantially reducing the number of containers going to tips or let loose into the wild.

Western Australia is going for a Cash-for-can recycling scheme where people will receive 10 cents for returning beer and spirit bottles, soft drink cans and various non-alcoholic bottles as well as small, flavoured milk cartons.

New South Wales with their Return and Earn and Queensland with their single use plastic bag band and Cash for Cans programs are coming on-board now too. 

Here is a map provided by Wikipedia showing the recent changes and how Australian states and territories are moving toward South Australia's lead.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Port of Brisbane's project to protect run-off water quality to the bay

The Port of Brisbane have been doing some great things to offset the challenges of water quality in Moreton Bay, Queensland.
And it starts upstream!