Sunday, August 10, 2014

Precious Water

In the images from outer space blue oceans cover nearly three quarters of the surface of the earth. All but 3% of the water is salty. Most of our fresh water is locked in polar ice!

In understanding the water cycle we can see that evaporation is constantly drawing water up from the oceans into the atmosphere and eventually precipitating back down to earth as rain.
The rain refreshes and cleans the land as it washes down into the receiving waters. The run-off provides us with renewed fresh water in our streams, rivers, lakes and can help to refill our underground aquifers. Water always seeks it's own level, eventually finding it's way back to the sea again.

In the illustration to the left you can see all of the surface water rolled up into a ball on top of the mass of the planet.

Just to the right there is a much smaller blue ball that represents available fresh water. That tiny blue ball is our most precious resource!

Ports Australia Biennial Conference 21-24 October 2014

The next Ports Australia Biennial Conference which will be held in Perth is now less than 2 months away.

The Ports Australia 2014 Conference will be convened at the Pan Pacific Perth. The Conference will commence with a welcoming function for delegates on the evening of Tuesday, 21 October and the Conference itself will be held on Wednesday, 22 and Thursday, 23 October with a port tour on Friday, 24 October.

Following on from the 2012 Adelaide Conference the 2014 Conference will continue the tradition of providing quality sessions and functions.  Also in keeping with established practice we will be gearing the Conference to provide value to Delegates with sessions addressing strategic issues of interest to ports and port business decision makers.

Please reserve these dates. This is an opportunity to be part of the premier national ports conference which attracts CEOs, senior management teams, and board members from the entire Australian ports community, as well as senior managers from our regulatory agencies and other port stakeholders including stevedoring, shipping, towage and other service providers.

For enquiries please contact David Anderson, Susan Fryda-Blackwell or Wilma Kippers at Ports Australia on 02 9247 7581.

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