Monday, February 22, 2010

The Naturaliste Marine Discovery Centre in Western Australia

The marine life and marine environments in Western Australia are spectacular. The coast stretches from the tropics all the way down to the northern edge of the antarctic Southern Ocean.

A great place to begin a discovery of these coasts might be with the Naturaliste Marine Discovery Centre (NMDC) situated at Hillarys Boat Harbour on the Sunset Coast of Perth’s northern suburbs. 

The Centre display was conceived around three major themes: marine biology and ecology; knowledge-driven management; and people and communities. It contains live exhibits (aquaria), interactive displays, touch screens with high-quality multimedia content, LCD screens, objects, viewing windows into working laboratories, artworks, a gift shop, and education programs. Represented by Bruce Mackay, Michael Burke, Michelle Dwyer and Sandy Clarke

Education doesn't stop there, however. MarineDiscoveryWest education programs stretch the length and breadth of the coast from Albany to the Pilbara and up to the Cocos and Christmas Islands. 

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