Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Shore Bird Protection; New South Wales

A healthy Australian coastal environment can be ascertained fairly easily by the presence 
or absence of the birds associated with that ecosystem. However sea and shore birds often 
have a difficult time sharing space with people and their activities.

Volunteers associated with the Sapphire Coast Marine Discovery Centre along the southern 
coast of New South Wales have been involved in a program co-ordinated by the NSW National 
and Wildlife Service to provide some protection for the birds.

Volunteering either as a community member or through school participation can contribute to the health of our coasts and oceans. There are many possibilities both local and national. To find out what is available in your area speak with your local council or search online

Visit the Sapphire Coast Marine Discovery Center here

FOR TEACHERS: AUSMEPA's new Coastal Conservation Leadership unit of work for schools will be available on our website in the next month or so. Watch this space!

Visit the AUSMEPA website here

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